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Established in 2014, we offer about a group of more than 20 years Experienced in water and wastewater business. We are now the Distributor of Advance component and equipment for Water and Wastewater treatment system ; Such as Ultrafiltration membrane, Ultraviolet Technology and Continuous Electro Deionization.

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Quality Spare Parts

We offer products with the best quality to our customer. Our experienced sales team and global supplier relationships ensure that the correct parts are supplied at the best price.

Experienced Technical Support

Technical support provided for the life of your product. We take pride in looking after our customers and strive to ensure that optimal system performance is achieved out in the field.

 Customer Services


We provide every decision to our customers with our efficient customer response rate contributes towards a superior customer experience.

Official Distributor

Our brands Products Partners


Aquafine provides UV solutions worldwide for TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramines destruction, ozone destruction and disinfection with the highest quality in customer support.


DOW FILMTEC™ provide the most widely used RO and NF technologies in purifying water or liquid streams, regional technical support, and industry-leading innovations.


Pentair Industrial manufactures a broad product offering that includes filter cartridges, filter bags, cartridge housings, and bag filter housings.


IONPURE® provides a cost effective and chemical free alternative to conventional deionization to produce ultrapure quality water.  ​